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Digital Marketing

Let’s face the facts – Marketing is not what it used to be. Forget the 4P’s. Your brand and business will more than likely be found, or not, by someone in the digital space. 

Your customers and clients live increasingly in their digital environment. And they’re cynical about traditional advertising. They pause and fast forward TV to skip the adverts…

If you’re not reaching and interacting with them there – you’re loosing ground to those who are.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses and brands cannot ignore social media any longer. 

The skepticism that prevailed – “I don’t need to worry about social media, I’ve got a real business to run.” – has to be discarded from your mind.

Your clients, customers and competition are all on social media of some kind. People are spending more time on various social media platforms. That’s virtually guaranteed.

And you’re not? Why not?

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine usage is so popular and such a way of life now that the term “google” is almost universally understood.

Everyone from doctors to the Pope (probably) are using a search engine to find what they’re looking for.

Whether it be Google or Bing, or others, being found in search results, or very near them in the form of a small clickable advert, is often how people will find out about your business nowadays.

Just google it to see…

Search Engine Optimisation

Right up there with the darkest of arts is SEO.

Let’s just start with this – you cannot buy, as in own, keywords. However, you can dominate them. 

It’s the ability to get your business website and social profiles to list at, or as near as possible to, the top of search engine results pages. 

Why? People are lazy – if you’re not found easily you’ll not be found at all. Simple.

It takes fine tuning and strategy to make the connection.

Website Development

You’ve heard it a million times – make a website. Be online. Your business will grow and you’ll be a wealthy business person…

If it were that easy, we’d all be rich by now.

The best place to start is definitely having a good website. No doubt about it.

Something friendly, functional and optimised for the new world of various digital devices will give you a good foothold.

Don’t be a web dinosaur. 

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